Minddistrict believes in empowering people to master their own wellbeing. Through smart use of technology we facilitate personalised care which fits seamlessly in patients’ daily lives. Our solution is a secure, easy-to-use, flexible communications platform, delivered as a service. The platform includes a catalogue of digital interventions, a CMS for users to develop their own interventions and a toolbox for the professional, consisting of synchronized diary apps, plans, notifications and social support functions. We believe that the use of digital interventions in healthcare will improve healthcare quality, reduce costs and boost the self-efficacy of patients.

Being digital innovators, we are eager to bring together researchers, healthcare institutions, innovators and students. We do this through our Global Research Network. The network delivers access to development, dissemination and implementation knowledge, research facilities and possible research and implementation partners. Together we can push technical boundaries, create new knowledge and deliver the new generation of digital interventions.

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