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Bridianne O’Dea, Black Dog Institute, Australia

Bridianne O’Dea

Bridianne’s research areas include online interventions for depression and anxiety, adolescent mental health and wellbeing, social networking sites and cyber-bullying. Bridi is interested in improving access to evidence-based care through technology supported through her involvement with the Digital Dog research program. She has been involved in the development of multiple e-mental health apps and was also responsible for co-leading the investigations into social media and suicide, including the Twitter studies and the Ground Truth Project, and contributing to the collaborations with CSIRO, Amazon Web Services, and PRADA at Deakin University, established by Prof. Christensen. She currently holds an Early Career Fellowship from the Society for Mental Health Research. She is leading the development of the Online Clinic for Adolescents and the development of the mobile app for youth relationships

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